Hi kind Support Contributors...Writing to inquire if you can recommend a similar online service to yours, with respect to, at best, one-on-one help with eliminating malware/adware. I've received two previous support occurrences here already over the past few years (eternal THANKS!), so I'm aware of your limits.
I'm writing now, as it appears it is overdue for another hair-pulling, days-long, attempt to find and successfully delete adware. My attempts this morning simply allowed an old "friend" to re-infect my desktop; "Adpoints", or something similar. Need I remark that the existing adware have not been successfully deleted...sigh. --- I have WIN7 ---There are no outwardly-appearing malware in TaskMgr, nor under "Install/Uninstall Programs", and I'm not sufficiently brave to tackle malware in the Registry, in case I screw up.
Thank you to anyone who can render constructive aid!