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May 29, 2020
Hi all,

I'm currently using Bitdefender Totalt Security in my household and quite happy with it. As a complement I also use Pi-Hole on a raspberry 4 and Cloudflare for additional malware and child protection.
On top of that the kids have Microsoft accounts which I can manage in the Microsoft Safety App.

On the Enterprise side I see products which offers the following:
1. Malware Protection
2. Web filtering
3. Application Usage monitoring
4. Cloud App usage monitoring
5. Cloud Management console

So for my kids at home I want something that can offer all the above in one package.
Is there any such thing for home/family usage or do I need enterprise products?

Is it a NextGen solution I need? Or is the solution a NextGen firewall?

Please suggest and help.

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Apr 25, 2022
On family devices, I use AVG Internet Security with hardened mode enabled. I also protected access to AVG using a password to prevent them from disabling protection. Moreover, I am using NextDNS with family protection enabled. I do not use any dedicated family protection services, but I believe Norton does offer one.


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Jan 27, 2019
Better one evening sit down with you family or at the launch table and have a little discussion about safe internet practices, it'll have more impact in a long run, as mostly every Antivirus product nowadays does the same and it won't matter as much which one you use in your household. Keep family informed about online, crooks and pervs, and you'll be safe. I am against any controlling or monitoring children online, wherever they go or who they meet with, rather educate them old-style via talking about consequences online, what is safe and what is not to do.
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