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You may grab a license for the excellent software update management program SUMo PRO in the next 72-hour period that is valid until April 1, 2016 and will never expire afterwards.

When it comes to updating software, you have four main options: automatic updates if supported by the program, manual updates, using a third-party tool to check for updates and — maybe — install them, or ignore updates.

SUMo falls into the third category, a third-party program that scans the system for software, checks the installed version against the latest versions provided by the company or developer, and informs you whether updates are available.

SUMo classifies updates as minor or major, and sorts them accordingly in the application interface.

While it reminds you that updates are available, it does not provide you with options to download and install them for you.

That’s less comfortable but gives you better control of the server the update is downloaded from. A click on the “Get Update” button opens the SUMo website revealing information about different program versions and a button to run a custom Google Search to find a server hosting the update. It is usually faster to search manually for the program name instead or visit the developer page right away if you know it or have bookmarked it.

SUMo allows you to add programs to the ignore list. This is useful if you don’t want a program to update, for instance because you know that the update is problematic or if you don’t have a license for the updated version. The latter is the case for several commercial programs that I run on a computer system (SnagIt and ConvertXtoVideo Ultimate).

You may also add custom folders which the program will scan for programs.

The author of SUMo plans to add more features to the Pro version of the program soon.

How to grab your copy of SUMo Pro

All you need to do is grab the SUMo Pro license from the KC Softwares website. There you find listed the name and number that you need to enter into the application to unlock the Pro features.

Downloads are provided on the official Download page on the website in case you have not installed SUMo yet.

Please note that name and license are only valid for the next 72-hour period. The license gives you lifetime access to SUMo Pro but updates for it are only provided until April 1, 2016. If you want to continue using SUMo Pro at this point you either have to purchase a license if you want to continue updating the program, or stay on that SUMo Pro version instead.


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I am not sure if this is against the rules or not, but the link stopped displayed the serial number which happens to still work. If this does violate the rules please remove this post.

Find it here one Google's Cache KC Softwares

Product Name: SUMo PRO
Version Limit: NO
Time Limit: Apr. 2016
Licence Name : ghacks
Licence Number : 21078073066079084104050052049057054-24196
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@noladevildog your post is fine since this is publicly posted. Although it says 72 hours it is still working.Edited to include information in code tags and screenshot in spoiler.