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After releasing the NES Mini and SNES Mini, Nintendo stopped short of the logical next step – a Nintendo 64 Mini. Even if you still have the original console, it's hard to hook up its analog outputs to the digital inputs of a modern TV. Now a small company called Eon has stepped in to fill the void as best it can with the Super 64, an adapter that lets you plug the original Nintendo 64 into an HDMI port, and upscales the resolution.

The Super 64 is a pretty simple little device. The back of the Nintendo 64 console has a "Multi Out" connector that can house either a stereo AV or a component cable, but you'd be hard pressed finding a modern TV that can support those. The Super 64 is designed to slide into the port and replace that little Multi Out box, then it's just a matter of plugging an HDMI cable into the port on the Super 64. Not only does the Super 64 let you plug in your old Nintendo 64, it apparently upscales the resolution to 480p. That might not sound like much in today's 4K world, but it's twice the original's 240p. On top of that there's a "Slick Mode" which is designed to smooth over the infamous jagged edges of 64-bit polygons.
As useful as it seems for this very specific problem, the Super 64's biggest drawback may be its price – it'll run you US$150. If you've got that kind of retro gaming budget, you might be better off springing for something like a Retron 5, which can play game cartridges from multiple classic consoles for about US$400. Or if you'd rather go for the cheap option, there are composite to HDMI converters out there for a fraction of the price.