Tutorial Switch to Windows Hello PIN and Go Passwordless

Aim of this thread:
  • Protect your Microsoft Account & Login Password
  • Encourage use of Windows Hello biometrics
  • Go Password-less

If you are a current user of the following:
  • Your Windows 10 device associated with a Microsoft Account
  • Your Password is used to Sign in to your Windows user account

Switch to Windows Hello PIN or Security Key to protect your Microsoft login credentials.

The Hello PIN biometrics are encrypted and stored locally, they can be only used with that Windows 10 device.

You can additionally use Windows Hello to go Passwordless when signing into your Microsoft Account from the web browser. Microsoft Authenticator is available for Android & iOS when signing in on other devices. This ensures your Password is never exposed.

Example of Passwordless Sign-in on the Web.

Signing into Microsoft services have never been easier.


Using the Windows Security prompt, you can use your Windows Hello biometrics (ie. PIN) to sign in, without ever needing to type out your email or password.

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