Synaptics Denies HP Driver Contains a Keylogger and Says It's a Debug Tool

Discussion in 'Security News' started by LASER_oneXM, Dec 16, 2017.

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    Reading their justification made me drop 10 points in IQ. There was never an IQ for me to lose in the first place so I was at zero but now I'm at -10. Didn't think it was possible to become even stupider but I underestimated Synaptic

    If I dropped 10 points by reading that imagine how the employees feel who have to suffer from doing stupid things they are told to do on a daily basis. Like keeping debugging functionality available for end-user consumer builds
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    What? (n) Well, hopefully at least Synaptics is starting to get the message. WOW this activity could just stop, and I would not be unhappy...I promise that to anyone who cares to know...:rolleyes:
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