Danger tailHey's Security Config (April 2019)

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Apr 12, 2019
Windows Edition
Primary sign-in
Primary user
Admin user - Full permissions
Security updates
Automatic - allow all types of updates
Windows UAC
Maximum - always notify
Real-time protection
Malwarebytes 3.7.1 Premium, Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control, Malwarebytes Browser Extension

Windows Defender disabled through registry tweak (too many disk I/O in my opinion)
Software firewall
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Malware testing
No malware samples
Periodic security scanners
Malwarebytes 3.7 Premium
Browsers, Search and Addons
Firefox and Vivaldi - ustom profiles with several tweaks to improve browser's security while maintaining as compatibility with websites and addons as possible

Addons (related to security) used: HTTPS Everywhere, Malwarebytes Browser Extension, CSS Exfil Protection
Maintenance and Cleaning
Piriform CCleaner, Speedyfox, Auslogics Disk Defrag Free
Personal Files & Photos backup
No specific software use, doing backups to external HDD
Personal backup routine
Manual (maintained by self)
Device recovery & backup
No system backup, in case of an infection I'd prefer clean reinstall the OS
Device backup routine
PC activity
  1. PC and cloud gaming. 
  2. Browsing the web. 
  3. Streaming. 
  4. Browsing to unknown sites. 
Computer specs
ASUS Laptop

Intel Core i7 4710HQ - 2.5 GHz per core (4 physical, 8 logical cores)


8 GB of RAM

1TB HDD, 7200 RPM
Staff Notes
  1. This setup configuration does not have a backup plan. We strongly recommend to add a backup solution for your data so that you can restore it in the case of an emergency.
    Backing up allows the recovery of data that has been lost due of a malware attack (eg. ransomware) or a hard disk crash. In such events you might lose family photos, your music collection, documents, or financial data. Backups are fast and simple to perform so it should be done on a regular basis.


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May 19, 2014
Hello there, MT community.

You'll find here my updated security configuration post.

Happy surfing, everyone :)

P.S: I'm careful when using my computer, if you're a beginner when it's about I.T you may want to increase your security with various measures. Even with the "maximum" achievable security set up on your device, you're never safe from threats, so remember being careful enough!
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Mar 29, 2018
Are you using Windows Defender or have you disabled it along with Smartscreen? with manual tweaks or a 3rd party app? Please indicate in your configuration.


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Apr 28, 2015
@tailHey :
  • Enable SmarScreen (Device Security).
  • I'm not sure if MalWareBytes Premium is strong enough to protect the system :unsure: probably You should hard Your config with some extra tools: VodooShield, SysHardener, NVT OSA...
  • As for "Disk Imaging Backup", You may add Macrium Reflect Free or AOEMI Backupper, both are free and reliably.
  • Consider also to run manual backups of important data to external devices, and/or in cloud services.
  • As for "Virus and Malware Removal Tools", You may add: ZAM Free, EmsiSoft Emergengy Kit, and HitManPro Free.
  • As for "Web Privacy", You may add a VPN service.
Please kindly reflect Your changes editing Your config, and announcing them here, hanks for sharing :giggle:

JM Safe

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Apr 12, 2015

Why SmartScreen is disabled? It would be a very good idea to enable it to increase the security of your config.
You can add Sandboxie Free and use it while browsing to have more protection, I would want to suggest you to use also Google Drive for data backups. I see you don't like to have system backup tools, if you will change your idea I would want to suggest you Macrium Reflect Free or AOMEI Backupper.

Thanks for sharing.
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May 4, 2018
Major aspect you need to change asap is the Device Security, enable Smartscreen, get a data backup solution.

The above is important, regardless how careful oneself is, anyone can fall pray to an infection even IT experts.