Q&A Task scheduler and *.bat help


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Nov 8, 2016
I'm trying to schedule EMSISOFT to run automatically through a2cmd.exe.

I created two *.bat files

1) Update order bat:
"[path]\Emisoft Emergency Kit\bin64\a2cmd.exe" /u
--> working fine

2) Quick scan including malware and pup scan; log in the "log folder", and quaratine if necessary for the quaratine folder

"[path]\Emisoft Emergency Kit\bin64\a2cmd.exe" /quick /malware /pup /l=log /q=quarantine

But i'm not sure it it is correct. Can you help me, or suggest any modifications?
I'm using this 2 bat files to schedule the scan with windows task scheduler, by adding those 2 bat files in sequence. So i imagine a2cmd.exe will always

--> open --> update --> close --> open --> run scan (quick, malware, pup)--> log --> quaratine if necessary