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TeamViewer confirmed today that it has been the victim of a cyber attack which was discovered during the autumn of 2016, but was never disclosed. This attack is thought to be of Chinese origins and utilized the Winnti backdoor.

The company behind the highly popular TeamViewer remote desktop software told German publisher Der Spiegel that the attack was discovered before the threat group was capable of doing any damage, with experts and investigators failing to find any evidence of data being stolen during the security incident.

Also, no evidence was found that the hackers were able to compromise or steal source code even though they had access to it, according to TeamViewer .

Backdoors which might have been planted during the 2016 attack have also been removed after a data center overhaul and all systems "completely checked, cleaned up and repositioned" at the end of 2016 according to the Der Spiegel report.

When asked by BleepingComputer about when and how the breach was discovered, TeamViewer said they detected the attack before any major damage was done.

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