Telegram Abused to Steal Crypto-Wallet Credentials


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Aug 17, 2014
Attackers are targeting crypto-wallets of Telegram users with the Echelon infostealer, in an effort aimed at defrauding new or unsuspecting users of a cryptocurrency discussion channel on the messaging platform, researchers have found.

Researchers at the SafeGuard Cyber’s Division Seven threat analysis unit detected a sample of Echelon posted to a Telegram channel focused on cryptocurrency in October, they said in an analysis on Thursday.

The malware used in the campaign aims to steal credentials from multiple messaging and file-sharing platforms, including Discord, Edge, FileZilla, OpenVPN, Outlook and even Telegram itself, as well as from a number of cryptocurrency wallets, including AtomicWallet, BitcoinCore, ByteCoin, Exodus, Jaxx and Monero.

The campaign was a “spray and pray” effort: “Based on the malware and the manner in which it was posted, SafeGuard Cyber believes that it was not part of a coordinated campaign, and was simply targeting new or naïve users of the channel,” according to the report.

Attackers used the handle “Smokes Night” to distribute Echelon on the channel, but it’s unclear how successful it was, researchers found. “The post did not appear to be a response to any of the surrounding messages in the channel,” they wrote.