Update Telegram adds support for custom notification sounds, mute duration, new animated emoji


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Aug 17, 2014
Telegram has updated its apps with improvements for notifications, auto-delete, emojis and more. Here's a brief overview of the new features, and how to use them.

When it comes to notification sounds, most people are accustomed to hearing the default audio of apps. Telegram now supports custom notification tones, so you can set your favorite music, or even record a voice message and set it as your alert sound.

How to set a custom notification sound in Telegram

1. Go to the Settings menu, and tap on Notifications and Sounds.

How to set a custom notification sound in Telegram

2. Select the chat or group that you want to change the audio alert for, under the first section, Notifications for Chats.

Note: You can also set a custom notification for a chat by tapping the three-dot menu button > Mute > Customize > Sound.

set a custom notification alert in Telegram

3. Choose the Upload sound option, and navigate to the folder where your custom audio is located. The audio files must be 300KB or less in size, and under 5 seconds in length.

Telegram has a Notifications Sounds channel with several sample audios that you can use. Give it a shot.
Telegram's blog article says that it has improved the built-in message translation feature on its iOS app, and added support for more languages including Ukrainian. Picture-in-Picture mode on Android has also been tweaked with a rounded-corners design, and includes options like pinch to resize the video, an X button to dismiss the panel.

The new features are live in the current version of the mobile app for iOS and Android, and on the desktop program for Windows.