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Oct 9, 2016
FYI, it's still in BETA but it looks very promising with its privacy features. Its built-in browser VPN is free but you'll need to pay for a full-device VPN pro-plan subscription service

Tenta is a new Android browser with a deep focus on privacy. While most browsers monetize their service through advertising and harvesting user data, Tenta does things differently. Tenta provides OpenVPN within the browser, so that users are completely secure. In addition, Tenta never stores user keys on any of its servers for extra security. Think of a VPN and a browser on incognito mode all rolled into one and you start to get an idea of the browsing experience that Tenta provides.
You can read more from its website, here

Tenta Browser | Your Private Encrypted Browser

and you can download it from Google Play Store


Encryption & Security Overview

1. Latest TLS/SSL for data transport Layer
2. AES-256 bit encryption for stationary browser data stored on the device, with testing of ChaCha20/256 for future storage of downloaded files. We may transition our other storage to ChaCha20/256 in the future, if we find a sufficient performance benefit.
3. Unique user pincode not stored on any server or on the device.
4. OpenVPN for secure connections and encrypting all inbound and outbound connections to the web (depending on configuration).
5. Transit meta data (OpenVPN control channel) - TLS 1.2 DH key exchange, AES-256 with SHA-384 authentication. 2048bit RSA keys.
6. Transit data (OpenVPN data channel) – AES-256 with SHA-512 authentication
7. Service APIs: TLS 1.2 Elliptic Curve DH key exchange, AES-256 with SHA-384 authentication. 384bit EC keys.
8. As an added security feature, we enforce authentication on ZONE servers, to make sure only tenta users have access.
9. The unique user pin is never stored on any server or the device, rather it is used to derive the user specific encryption key, which is also not stored on any server.
10. Tenta DNS supports both DNS over TLS and DNSSEC to keep your DNS requests private and secure.

Read about Tenta DNS here

Tenta DNS Setup Guides


1. Your data is never sold
2. Delete browser history
3. No logs kept
4. Anonymous browsing by default
5. Automatic VPN connection
6.Your IP Address is hidden
7. Secure DNS & no DNS leaks
8. Private bookmarks
9. Saved Tabs are locked & hidden
10. Downloaded files auto-protected
11. PIN code and fingerprint lock12.
12. Group tabs by VPN location
13. Open tab data is encrypted
14. Secure DNS with DNS over TLS and DNSSEC

Early review here

Tenta Browser Review | A Private VPN Browser for Android - BestVPN.com

Later reviews

Tenta Browser review: A couple of unfinished business, but basics are fine

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Oct 9, 2016
Tested it and found it to be slow on connection. Hope that future releases can help to speed things up.

Also, still waiting for its desktop version to appear