Test comparison - Which is the best free online antivirus scanner?


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Apr 25, 2013
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Some of our readers asked us to test the most popular free antivirus scanners found online. Since such scanners are useful in providing a good second opinion, without having to install a fully-featured security product, we thought it is worthwhile to evaluate such products. We’ve tested the 10 most popular online security scanners and, although it took quite a bit of work, we now have some exciting results to share with you. Don’t hesitate to read this article and find which are about the best free online antivirus scanners for Windows:

The online antivirus scanners being tested
To choose the products included in this test, we used the finalists of our Digital Citizen Awards 2016 - The best Windows security product of the year!. For all the vendors, we searched to see if they also offer a free online security scanner. Unfortunately, not all of them do, and out of those who do, not all of them are good.

The products we ended up including in this comparison are, alphabetically ordered, the following: Bitdefender QuickScan, Comodo Cloud Antivirus, ESET Online Scanner, F-Secure Online Scanner, Kaspersky Security Scan, McAfee Security Scan Plus, Norton Security Scan, Panda Cloud Cleaner and Trend Micro HouseCall.

Overview of the results


If you are looking for a good online antivirus scanner, then Panda Cloud Cleaner is probably the best you can get. Then, ESET Online Scanner comes as a close second and F-Secure Online Scanner occupies the third place. They are all solid security products that managed to identify all or most of the malware infected files on our test system. Also, all three of them provide you with ways to disinfect your system that don’t involve the installation of other security tools. When you are having issues with malware this is a huge plus.

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Sep 26, 2014
Eset is very good i have used it and in my system finished the scan in 15 minutes.
I have also used BD Quickscan and Kaspersky Security Scan, both are good.

DJ Panda

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Aug 30, 2015
Zemana is sure one of the good ones.

@Huracan I would have kept the ESET license I won from here but even trying the trial version almost (not exaggerating) WRECKED my computer. ESET is a good company but for certain computers that are old or can't run programs well I wouldn't use it. But most people can get along fine with it. ;)


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Jan 8, 2011
ESET is a good company but for certain computers that are old or can't run programs well I wouldn't use it.
ESET Online Scanner is completely different to their real-time software as it does not run on start, install drivers or show pop-ups.

One disadvantage is it cannot be run without an Internet connection, which is required prior to scan to check and download the definition files.

Many advantage include free, unlimited scanning and removal, detection of Potentially Unwanted Applications, scan archives and if needed, keep installed until manually removed.

It also used sometimes by malware removal experts for infected PC's.

@Kantry123 TBH, I don't know if I would consider Zemana AntiMalware an online scanner. Yes it is cloud-based, but advertised as a second opinion scanner, not online antivirus. @TwinHeadedEagle @iIda15 could probably provide more accurate details?


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Mar 15, 2011
ESET online scanner remains efficient and stood up from other alternative tools, since its flexible and way already enough for what we called second opinion.

Although Panda Cleaner is interesting however varies on possible detection rates, so either I will go to F-secure or Trend Micro.