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We've tested all the best gaming laptops to help find the right one for you.

The best gaming laptop is no longer a hulking, monstrous beast outfitted with gigantic fans that scream under even the lightest loads. No, gaming laptops have evolved into sleek powerhouses with the gaming guts to rival a powerful desktop.

Choosing the right gaming laptop depends a lot on what's most important to you: portability, performance, or price? In general, you can only pick two. Some machines are light and powerful, but also extremely pricey. At the other end of the spectrum, you can get excellent performance at a reasonable price tag, but it'll come in a bulkier form factor.

Whether you're looking for a thin and light portable powerhouse, a desktop replacement in a notebook form factor, or the best budget gaming laptop to play indies on the road, we have recommendations for every gamer at every price point.


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Awesome post. MSI has always made great laptops. I personally have that Asus Rog that is #4 on the list and it works great. It gets a little warm and the battery doesn't last long, But hey, it's a gaming laptop. A lot of juice is running to that battery so I didn't expect much. Great post and I would definitely agree with the picks in it.