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Oct 23, 2012
This forum is a Moderated Forum.This is Moderated for every member that posts a thread or a reply to a thread.The only members exempt from Moderation in this forum are Moderators and Admins.

Some members who have not been on for a while have felt and expressed that the Moderation of this forum is pointed towards them only.This is absolutely false and no member should feel that the Moderating of a forum is solely for them and them only.

If you were placed on Moderation for repeated violations you would be sent a PM explaining that you are being Moderated and why.If you have not received a PM you have nothing to worry about.

When a certain forum has had problems between members or members and staff then the only way to gain control is to Moderate the forum.When staff is sure that all is well the Moderation of the forum can be lifted.

Please be patient as we try and get to moderated threads and posts ASAP.Thanks :)


About mainly video regarding malware detections of antivirus/antimalware created by our members, it is recommended that you follow some testing guidelines:

  • indicate the AV configuration (default/custom);
  • malware samples scan;
  • running malware samples;
  • ability to isolate and eliminate the malware running on an infected system;
  • ability to repair an infected system (disinfecting the system to working on pre-infection condition);
  • how many false positives it identifies (if they are);
  • publication results in text format (at the end of the test);
  • impact on system resources and performance (such as resource consumption, efficiency and speed during scanning and analysis, etc).

The goal is to perform a professional test that includes some reference parameters that are valid for everyone.


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Aug 30, 2012

Video tests needs to be reviewed in English. Like on any other forum on MalwareTips this applies to Video Reviews also.
Virtual or Real system interface and Security product GUI must be presented in English language only. Videos from Youtube or other platforms that don't follow this quidelines will be removed from the forums without further notice.

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