The countries experiencing the most ‘significant’ cyber-attacks

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Oct 1, 2019
Over the last decade, cyber security has rapidly become a concerning problem. Rightfully so, given how a cyber-attack can compromise an organisation’s key functions and processes within a matter of seconds, exposing sensitive data to opportunistic criminals.

The impact and severity of cyber-attacks can be exhibited by a report from Cybersecurity Ventures, who predict that cyber-attacks will cost the global economy a shocking $6 trillion per year by 2021.

Despite this, it seems that different sectors in the economy are prioritising cyber security at different rates. This is highlighted by each sectors varying spending on cyber security, with some sectors spending much more on cyber security than others.

Which Country Has the Highest Number of Significant Cyber-Attacks?
Specops Software analysed the latest data from Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to discover which countries across the world have experienced the most “significant” cyber-attacks between May 2006 and June 2020.

“Significant” cyber-attacks are defined as cyber-attacks on a country’s government agencies, defense and high-tech companies, or economic crimes with losses equating to more than a million dollars.

Significant Cyber Attacks Per Country: The Results
Specops Software found that the United States of America has experienced the most significant cyber-attacks, totalling 156 between the period of May 2006 and June 2020. In this time frame, 2018 was the worst year for cyber-attacks, with 30 incidents alone occurring throughout the year.

One of the USA’s most recent breaches, in May 2020, was brought to light by the National Security Agency (NSA), who found that Russian hackers were exploiting a bug in a commonly used email server to infiltrate sensitive data from American organisations.

Following the USA is the United Kingdom who have experienced the second-highest number of attacks between May 2006 and June 2020. Our research can reveal that the UK experienced 47 cyber-attacks classified as “significant” during this time, which included the large-scale cyber-attacks deployed across the Labour Party’s digital platforms during the 2019 general election.

India ranks in third place, falling prey to 23 significant cyber-attacks. In their latest cyber-attack, in June 2020, the country experienced a high-profile attack where malware was deployed against nine human rights activists to log their keystrokes, record their audio, and steal their personal credentials.


Source: The countries experiencing the most ‘significant’ cyber-attacks | Specops Software