The iPhone 12 Mini May Not Be Long for This World


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Nov 10, 2017
Folks with tiny hands have been clamoring for a smaller smartphone for years, and in 2020, Apple finally delivered with the iPhone 12 Mini. Except it looks like Apple might stop manufacturing its littlest phone due to less-than-stellar sales.

Supply chain analyst William Yang of JP Morgan has reportedly cut production expectations for the iPhone 12 Mini by 11 million units, AppleInsider reported. Yang went on to say that Apple might even stop production entirely by the second quarter of this year. Yang also revised down his expectations for the standard iPhone 12 by 9 million units, while tweaking numbers for both the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max up by 2 million and 11 million units, respectively. The iPhone 11, surprisingly, also got a boost; Yang adjusted his expectations for the 2019 flagship up by 8 million units.

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The iPhone 12 Mini May Not Be Long for This World (