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Just tried out the Note 10+ at Samsung shop

5G won't be available in my country until next year.... at least after mid-year. Also, dropped my Note 4 a few days back and the cracked screen went black. No point replacing screen since it's an old device.

Considering this very hard over my Huawei Mate 20x because of the following reasons
  1. 10+ screen is smaller at 6.8 inch vs 7.2 inch of the HW Mate 20X. I just love big screen.
  2. Battery capacity of the 10+ is smaller at 4300mAh vs the 5000mAh of the HW Mate 20X. Big battery capacity is also what I want
  3. Firmware updates of the HW Mate 20x is pretty frequent too. I think Samsung don't update so fast.
  4. The 10+ comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB memory storage. Free upgrade to 512GB memory storage if you pre-order it now. HW Mate 20x has only 6GB RAM and 128GB memory storage. The 10+ uses the faster UFS 3.0 storage memory
  5. 10+ comes with WiFi 6 which no HW device has at the moment
  6. 10+ screen is way brighter (800 to 1200 nits) when used in direct sunlight vs the 655 nits of the HW Mate 20X
  7. 10+ supports default android OS Kill Switch for VPN which means user can have a wider choice of VPNs to choose from. The HW's EMUI interface don't support the default android OS Kill Switch which limits the user to VPN which uses its own dedicated Kill Switch only e.g. VyprVPN
  8. The 10+ allows the switching to LDAC Bluetooth codec if using the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphone app when it defaulted to SBC codec. If using the Sony app the HW Mate 20x defaults to SBC codec and there's no way to change it back to LDAC even when using the Sony app. The option is greyed out in the phone
  9. 10+ has a real screw up 2x optical camera considering that competitors have released 10x optical cameras. The HW Mate 20x comes with a 5x optical camera
  10. 10+ is way more expensive than the HW Mate 20x when I purchased it initially
  11. The 10+ has a default video dialler which the HW Mate 20x don't
  12. The 10+ allows the app to be resized and float when in split-screen mode. The HW Mate 20x don't.
  13. 10+ allows video recording in 4K@60fps. The HW Mate 20x don't. This is a limitation of the Kirin processor
  14. Samsung browser does not allow the addition of another search engine (eg Startpage) besides those listed in the browser
  15. Good thing is both will get the Android Q upgrade later

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after all, I think we should ask ourselves 3 questions:
- are we overpaying for phones?
- Does it improve our lives or productivity much more than =<$300 phones?
- Are we using all the offering features which are not present in other "good enough phones" (~$300-400)?

I'm so far still happy with my galaxy S7, bought ~$260 >2 years ago. It has improved my productivity more than an iPhone X, for example
unhappy with"
- software update: oreo android 8.0 significantly reduces performance on this phone, trying to downgrade to android 7 -> android update is not necessarily a good thing. Same for iOS, each upgrade brings down performance step by step
- battery is wearing out and dual sim is lacking
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