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As you've no doubt heard by now, Microsoft's next browser, Internet Explorer 9, has moved on from the beta stage to become a release candidate. This means it's pretty much in its final form, and that the next stop is full release to the Web. PCMag compiled a list of some of the most appealing new features in the release candidate. Most of what's in the RC is identical to what you saw in the beta, but below are the standout additions to a browser that outstrips its predecessor, IE8, by a country mile in speed and compatibility.

The Top 7 New Features:

1. It's even faster.
2. Tracking Protection.
3. Pinned Site Control for Site Owners
4. HTML5 Location
5. Tabs on their own row.
6. Repeat One Box Searches
7. Less-intrusive notifications

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On the other hand, Microsoft's IE is the only product that uses ActiveX - one source of insecurities.