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Feb 4, 2016
TodayZoo phishing campaign sends links to spoofed Microsoft 365 login pages.

Microsoft has detailed an unusual phishing campaign aimed at stealing passwords that uses a phishing kit built using pieces of code copied from other hackers' work.

A "phishing kit" is the various software or services designed to facilitate phishing attacks. In this case, the kit has been called ZooToday by Microsoft after some text used by the kit. Microsoft also described it as a 'Franken-Phish' because it is made up of different elements, some available for sale through publicly accessible scam sellers or reused and repackaged by other kit resellers.


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May 4, 2019

Microsoft Warns of TodayZoo Phishing Kit Used in Extensive Credential Stealing Attacks

Microsoft on Thursday disclosed an "extensive series of credential phishing campaigns" that takes advantage of a custom phishing kit that stitched together components from at least five different widely circulated ones with the goal of siphoning user login information.

The tech giant's Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team, which detected the first instances of the tool in the wild in December 2020, dubbed the copy-and-paste attack infrastructure "TodayZoo."

"The abundance of phishing kits and other tools available for sale or rent makes it easy for a lone wolf attacker to pick and choose the best features from these kits," the researchers said. "They put these functionalities together in a customized kit and try to reap the benefits all to themselves. Such is the case of TodayZoo.