Would you use Heimdal Security Pro?

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I voted "No, but it is a great addition to any security config."

I actually would like to use it, but only if it stops being incompatible with my laptop's system, because so far it's not acting nicely.

@Andra Zaharia said here in this forum that they'll "soon" release tests showing Heimdal PRO's effectiveness. :)


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It would be fine if they fix the incompatibility with VoodooShield. Installing Heimdal cause VoodooShield.exe to use a lot of CPU.
@Azure Phoenix Agreed! Just tried it out with the latest VoodooShield and wowzers CPU!! No way.... Nots goods at all!

Something changed with HP from the last version... CPU goes sky high and RAM usage is much higher too. Just tried out the latest with the 6-month promo. With my steller machine, things just don't add up. I get the RAM usage, but not the CPU part. Maybe the developer can comment on that piece.
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Dave Russo

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I have been using Heimdal Pro about 2 months now,its seems way lighter than in the past,iti's a nicely configured software, good alternate to voodoshield,has blocked way more sites than I thought,I recommend it,they have a 30 day trial,and discounts on the price are common
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