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Next time you go for an MRI scan, remember that the doctor might not be the only one who sees your results.

Thousands of medical devices, including MRI scanners, x-ray machines and drug infusion pumps, are vulnerable to hacking, creating significant health risks for patients, security researchers said this week.

The risks arise partly because medical equipment is increasingly connected to the Internet so that data can be fed into electronic patient records systems, said researcher Scott Erven, who presented his findings with fellow researcher Mark Collao at the DerbyCon security conference. [...]

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Tony Cole

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Yeah, I really don't believe this, our NHS IT techs say the risk is near non-existent. First and foremost infusion pumps are never linked to the net, they run off mains power, the MRI and X-Ray are internal access only. It's scaremongering, and pathetic, but then I'm sure he works in a hospital, or just has access to an MRI, or other equipment that is readily used outside a hospital setting.

As-per the patient data transfer that (in the UK) was scrapped due to cost, and records going missing, or hacked.
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