TikTok.com now available as a Desktop PWA


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Jan 8, 2011
While TikTok has only really been known for being available via smartphones up until now, many will be surprised to find that the service actually features a robust website to complement it.

With that, one of our readers made us aware via Twitter (sorry, your name got buried, but comment for kudos!) that the popular website now features an ‘Install’ button in the Chrome Omnibox which allows you to ‘Install TikTok’ to your Chromebook! After doing some research, I found that this may have been updated to do so between a few weeks and a month ago, but the notable highlight is that Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are blowing up right now. If TikTok is focused on turning its service into a PWA, then everyone else should too.


Visit TikTok.com and Get for Desktop. It will install as a PWA.


Image: Microsoft Edge installing PWA.