Q&A Time machine that could protect all partitions? Is there such a software?

Mar 27, 2017
Windows 7
Hey,i like rollback rx home edition but today i have suffered something weird.
I have a folder in which i have the setup files of all my softwares(i use many types of softwares).
After playing with timefreeze,my system got hanged and a windows that says windows encountered an error and we'll reboot after completing the process appeared.
After even 100%,the system never rebooted or shut down so i had to manually shut down the system.
And after rebooting,my apps folders which is in partition d has nothing but only 2 files left.
I have rollbacked my system but that was no good as d drive was not protected.
Finally,i have to restore my files with the help from piriform's recuva.
So,do u know of any such free product which could protect all my partitions?
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Jul 7, 2016
Windows 10
RollBack Rx Pro is likely what you want. The Home Edition is OK for free, but it's extremely limited in it's feature set. Even the 7 snapshots is infuriating, I don't know how anyone could do it...

Even though it's not free, Horizon usually holds an Independence Day (July 4th) sale. Last year if I recall it was 50% off or $35 USD. Not free but better than paying full price!

Horizon has a 14 day trial on their website, so why not download the trial, see if you like it. If you do there's the (likely) sale that you can purchase a full license from :)