Updates TinyWall 3.0.5


Level 32
Nov 10, 2017
TinyWall 3.0.5 changelog:
  • Restore compatibility with 32-bit (x86) Windows systems
  • Remember user-set column widths in lists
  • Keep application list selection and scroll-position after modifications
  • Reduced system load of traffic rate monitor
  • New and performance-optimized firewall rule application
  • Fix not all changes are detected when a network adapter is reconfigured
  • Fix rules for Windows services may get ignored due to wrong SID translation
  • Fix incomplete deserialization of DHCP profile
  • Fix tooltip rule edit not saving correctly
  • Fix two rules merged incorrectly if one of them was Unrestricted
  • Fix "Ask for exception details" not always taken into account
  • Fix UI text contents in Connections window (column headers, and 2 -> 5 mins)
  • Fix WMI leak while monitoring sub-processes
  • Increase traffic rate update interval to 2 seconds
  • Only enable sub-process monitoring if necessary for active rules
  • Optimized sub-process monitoring when enabled
  • Rework inter-process pipe communication
  • Update old WhatsNew and FAQ in installer
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese and Russian localizations
  • Introduce logging in installer routines
  • Collect all logs to "logs" folder