Level 24
AdGuard will use their DNS to block and identify them and will add filters in their AdGuard Tracking Protection filter list:
What do we plan to do?
Few things:
  1. AdGuard DNS will block such disguised trackers. On DNS level, it's trivial to figure that a domain is actually a disguised tracker.
  2. This way we'll be able to find all these disguised tracking domains and promptly build a database that will be added to the AdGuard Tracking Protection filter list.
  3. Other filter lists (like EasyPrivacy, Ghostery etc) hopefully will be able to pick it up from there.
Additionally, all AdGuard products that support DNS filtering (AG for Android, AG for iOS, AG Home) will be naturally immune to this kind of tracking. Provided, of course, you have AdGuard DNS up. We plan to add DNS filtering to our other products (AG for Windows and AG for Mac) in the near future as well.


Level 41
I forgot to mention this as feature request in the Edgium survey. I realize it's a Chromium issue because it lacks the API but M$ with their brain power could attempt to implement something on their own. Tracking and tracking prevention has become an arms race, and it's trending more towards Hot than Cold War. ;):) Thanks for the great article.