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Hello guys,
i want to watch my programs communication continuously ??
which communication is established ?? and the destination host for which the request done ?? the port used for listening or sent packets
and give the ability ti create rules for any certain connection
(i want something like Netstats and Tracert command in windows CMD but with GUI ) :unsure::unsure::unsure:
Any suggestions ??


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yes i am using torrent regularly why glass wire is not recommended ??
you mean because of notification ??
It causes high CPU usage while using torrent clients. This is what they said about it, "I can also make GlassWire do this by running several Bittorrent clients simultaneously. GlassWire has to keep up with the thousands of simultaneous hosts GlassWire is connecting to, so it has to work very hard and it will use CPU. "
Also in general GlassWire often uses more CPU than it probably should while NetLimiter's CPU usage is almost non-existent.