Level 21
Tor Browser 9.0.7 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Tor.

This release updates Tor to and NoScript to 11.0.19.

In addition, this release disables Javascript for the entire browser when the Safest security level is selected. This may be a breaking change for your workflow if you previously allowed Javascript on some sites using NoScript. While you are on "Safest" you may restore the previous behavior and allow Javascript by:

  • Open about:config
  • Search for: javascript.enabled
  • The "Value" column should show "false"
  • Either: right-click and select "Toggle" such that it is now disabled or double-click on the row and it will be disabled.
We are taking this precaution until we are confident recent NoScript versions successfully block Javascript execution, by default, by working around a Firefox ESR vulnerability.

Change log: https://gitweb.torproject.org/build...er/Bundle-Data/Docs/ChangeLog.txt?h=maint-9.0