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    Let me start by saying this, I hope this is in the correct section!

    Long story short, I recently updated some of my hardware on my desktop(GPU, CPU, added HDD). I had a windows 10 install that was a year old, and wanted to do a clean install. So WIN 10 Fall Creator update was out so I figured what a better time than now to do a clean install. Before I forget to mention, I had the old install encrypted with Bitlocker. I am just now getting around to setting up Bitlocker on the fresh install of windows 10. Here is my issue, every time I restart it will ask for my recovery key. I have double checked the UEFI twice to ensure the TPM module is enabled and has the correct settings.

    Now here a second question. I have poked around on the net and have come to the conclusion that I should have maybe cleared the TPM before I encrypted again. Not sure how true this really is. I have also seen that there are a couple of commands that I can run for example
    Manage-bde –protectors –delete C: -type TPM
    Manage-bde –protectors – add C: -tpm
    these are supposed to repopulate the TPM chip. My only issue is that I really do not want to have to reinstall windows because the drives became non decryptable.

    Is there anything I can do??
    Thanks in advance!
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