Update Trend Micro Security 2021 BETA


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Oct 11, 2019
I have a trendmicro license till 2029 and a lifetime key for malwarebytes. Decisions decisions what one should I use lol.


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May 10, 2019
Today I visited Trend Micro's Download Centre and I saw that there is a 2021 version, but there is no download link

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Apr 27, 2018
Download links are available since early August.

Those links are provided by RICHCLUB from Kafan forum.

TrendMicro 17.0 (2021) (International Version) DOWNLOAD LINKS
Antivirus+ Security (EL):
Internet Security (MR):
Maximum Security (HE):

Changelog (BETA):
Setting Guidance
Enhanced Trend Micro Welcome Page provides user an option to easily customize the features they want to enable based on their daily use and activities.

Download and Install the Trend Micro Security program.
Click on “Explore More Features”.

Answer the survey questions to see the suggested Trend Micro Security feature for you.

Fraud Buster is a cloud service that detects fraudulent messages using AI technology. Enabling Fraud Buster allows Trend Micro to scan email content to protect you against scams, phishing, and suspicious emails. Fraud Buster can be disabled at any time to stop email contents from being transmitted to and scanned by Trend Micro.

Fraud Buster Scan Status Fraud Buster will display the result of the mail no matter if it’s malicious or not.
Option to add email sender to Fraud Buster approve list User now has an option to trust an email sender and add it to the approve list.
If user receives a Fraud Buster detection pop up, “Trust this sender” option is available for the user to click on.
Fraud Buster Report Enhancement Reporting an email as non-malicious or malicious is now easier for the user by just clicking on “Report Scan Result” link and providing description of the report.
Fraud Buster protection for unsupported languages Fraud buster now provides basic protection on unsupported languages by checking the number of users who reported the message as a scam.

Enhanced Pay Guard
PayGuard is a function that block attacks that steal the payment information (account information and credit card information) entered when using online banking or online shopping.

For example, an attacker can use a technique called "Web injection" to display a fake input screen on a browser when accessing a regular site and steal information by letting the user enter payment information. By using the payment protection browser, we protect account information and credit card information from such attacks.

What has been improved?
The Pay Guard now has promotion pop up to promote usage. We recommend using a payment protection browser via pop-up when accessing the online banking website.
An option to always open and not to open the site in Pay Guard has been added.
The Pay Guard now has an option for the user to manually add a website in the website list which allows them to automatically open websites in Pay Guard protected browser.
To add websites, do the following:
Open Trend Micro Security main console.
Click the Privacy Tab.
Click Pay Guard Configure.
Click Add, to add a website or Remove to remove a website.

Enhanced Trend Micro Toolbar
The Trend Micro Toolbar works with your web browser to warn you about any security risks associated with the websites you try to visit.

What has been improved?
The Pay Guard now has promotion pop up to promote usage. We recommend enabling the Trend Micro Toolbar to keep you safe while browsing the Internet.
Added improvements in the installation of Trend Micro Toolbar in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge new version to make it easier and simple to install.
Trend Micro Toolbar status detection has been added as well to make sure that you are aware if Trend Micro Toolbar is disabled on your browser.

Enhanced Trend Micro Installer icon
We enhanced the look of Trend Micro Installer icon to avoid confusion when opening the Trend Micro Main Console from the desktop. Here’s the new look of Trend Micro Security installer.

Pop Up Scan Result for downloaded files
A pop up message from Trend Micro Security program will appear everytime you download a file using your browser to your computer. This notification pop up will help you check if the file you downloaded is safe or not.

How does it work?
Download and install Trend Micro program on your computer.
Download any file using your browser.
A pop up notification from Trend Micro will appear to inform you if the file is safe or not.
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Aug 21, 2018
I've just compared above download links from Chinese Bulletin Board System vs official TM Download Center download. There's a size differences and some SHA1 and SHA256 differences. Always download from official sources.

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Aug 21, 2018
For sure, i download it from their official download center rather than not so official sources?
And its filesize and sha's differences vs. original download from TM Download center, why in earth i want to download some "leaked" versions of security softwares?

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Jan 10, 2017
I'm testing the new version....cannot find any new features.
GUI is known...im not sure if you can make some scan exclusions in the older version.
impact is ok but not light...some delay at opening apps from microsoft office.


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Aug 21, 2018
It's faster than 2020 version for sure. Even PCMARK 10 test i ran.
But yes, i was somewhat disappointed about the new security "features". According to TM, they improved online banking protection, which was one of the weakest component of 2020 version. Slight delay when opening/installing softwares is no that bad, if it increase security. Why im using TM? Mostly because of its amazing BB/AI. Really great against scripts etc infection vectors. What i do not like, its average static detection, tho its covered by TM Apex BB.