TrickBot Spruces Up Its Banking Trojan Module


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Aug 17, 2014
The TrickBot trojan is adding man-in-the-browser (MitB) capabilities for stealing online banking credentials that resemble Zeus, the early banking trojan, researchers said — potentially signaling a coming onslaught of fraud attacks.

TrickBot is a sophisticated modular threat known for stealing credentials and delivering a range of follow-on ransomware and other malware. But it started out as a pure-play banking trojan, harvesting online banking credentials by redirecting unsuspecting users to malicious copycat websites.

According to researchers at Kryptos Logic Threat Intelligence, this functionality is carried out by TrickBot’s webinject module. When victim attempts to visit a target URL (like a banking site), the TrickBot webinject package performs either a static or dynamic web injection to achieve its goal, as researchers explained:

“The static inject type causes the victim to be redirected to an attacker-controlled replica of the intended destination site, where credentials can then be harvested,” they said, in a Thursday posting. “The dynamic inject type transparently forwards the server response to the TrickBot command-and-control server (C2), where the source is then modified to contain malicious components before being returned to the victim as though it came from the legitimate site.”

In the updated version of the module, TrickBot has added support for “Zeus-style webinject configs,” according to Kryptos Logic – an additional way to dynamically inject malicious code into target banking-site destinations.