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Jan 24, 2011

Today we're happy to announce a new ranking system for our members, and new trophies that can be won.

  1. Trophies - These are awards that are automatically given when a member reaches certain milestones.

    You can find all the available trophies on this page - Trophies |

    When you receive a trophy you'll get an alert to notify you, and also you'll get additional points.

  2. Levels - This is the automatic ranking system for our members.

    To gain levels the members need a combination between Likes and Posts as specified on this page - Trophies |
    Current Rankings are:
    1. New Member - This member has less than 5 Likes and 5 messages.
    2. Level 1 -This member has received 5 Likes and has posted 5 messages.
    3. Level 2 - This member has received 50 Likes and has posted 50 messages.
    4. Level 3 -This member has received 100 Likes and has posted 100 messages.
    5. ...........
    6. Level 61 -This member has received 5000 Likes and has posted 5000 messages.

    The levels go as far as Level 61 because we are planning for the next levels additional requirements (number of featured threads, number of threads started and number of helpful posts)
    For each level the members will get 100 Points and a notification to let them know that they have higher ranking.

    The level of each member will be displayed with his messages:


  3. Badges - These are part of our reward system and they are manually awarded by the staff team.
    These badges are visible with each message that the member posts and also will be seen on the member profile page.

    We currently have 5 badges available -
    • Trusted - Members who are helping other members with their questions, are active members of this community and have been verified by the staff team
    • AV- Tester - This member is actively testing antivirus software in the Malware Hub and sharing his experience with the community
    • MVP - This member has stood out of its knowledgeable and desire to help other members, a real community leader
    • Developer - This member is a verified software developer
    • Staff Member - This member is part of the MalwareTips staff team

Stay safe!
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Jul 29, 2014
I felt like MalwareTips was in full dev/QA mode this weekend. I kept getting notifications that I had reached X level multiple times. Last one was that I reached Level 1, and only Level 1, though I'm at like Level 14 or something.

Testing all your stuff in prod, living on the egde much? :cool:


Level 33
Nov 8, 2014
@Jack: After reaching 5000 posts and likes, a badge like Malware Killer or something similar which translates to destroyer of malwares w/o a performance hit on older/modern PCs/mobiles/tablets would be a needed feature.
Something like Reputations/Malware Blocked would be a nice feature to have. Also, a monthly reminder to update their Security Thread for Phones and PCs would be helpful.
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Jan 24, 2011
@Jack I'm saw Verified Award trophy and new Verified Text beside my Level XX? What does that mean? What was verified?
Hello @Vasudev,
It basically means that we verified some of the information on your profile and run some additional check-ups. Also we've checked your overall behavior on our community.
Having the Verified badge comes with a few perks and we plan to add more in the future so it's definitely good that you're Verified.

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