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Intel Security True Key - Multi-factor Authentication Password Manager | Support
  • Free version: Up to 15 passwords
  • Premium version: Up to 2000 passwords or logins ($20/year)
Log in to your True Key Password Manager with:
  • Face
  • Fingerprint
  • 2nd Device
  • Master Password
  • Email
  • Trusted Device
Full Access to:
  • Launchpad
  • Password Manager
  • Digital Wallet
  • Password Generator
  • Windows Face (Windows only)
  • Local Data Encryption
  • Cross Device Sync


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Thanks Huracan, going to go give this the "once over"

1> Smooth install, a little slow but no issues.
Slow loading from the toolbar as well.

2> nice interface, very user friendly.

3> took all 81 of my logins not just 15. :)

4> lots of config options to tinker with

*Going to test the browser add on now.
Within the section for "browser extensions", it remains empty, it claims that FireFox is one of the browsers it works with, but if you see the SS below, the field is void of any and all browser options ? True Key add on not found within the FireFox addon's library as well.

This is kind of bad seeing it will be missing from FireFox and not function as intended.
Reporting this to Dev's.
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I was never able to find an online source for the True Key browser extension, and the browser list within the app never populated.
I think that this awesome lil app has a way to go before i will utilize it.
Thanks for the share Huracan


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Ok, I had to screen shot this.
I got the extension installed, obviously that extension area in the app is a placebo (for now).
I opened my email and had an invite to install the extension, I know right, kinda bassackwords if you ask me.
Here below is the email to look for if you decide to give True Key a whirl.
PS: and it took approx an hour or better to get the email, dont know if this is normal or not so just an FYI for you just in case.


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I posted in my config what I may do.
I am going to see how reliable it is for the next 10 days, and if it
proves stable and worthy i will pay for the Premium.
I understand where your coming from though.
Thanks Huracan
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