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This Firefox extension aims to expose today's most omnipresent agents on the Internet: CDNs.

Did you know that at least about 70% of the global internet traffic goes through CDNs? These third parties are hired by website owners (often for "free"!), to speed up their websites and protect them against attacks, among other things.

Most of the times, neither the site owners nor the CDN providers themselves make any effort to make apparent to us, the end users, the presence of the latter as intermediaries. In fact, in many cases there is an effort to disguise their presence as much as possible. This is not nice, specially considering that some CDN providers offer services in ways that present important security and/or privacy considerations to us.

Your newfound True Sight power alone will not save you from anyone, but it will hopefully bring you awareness. I think we all deserve to at least know when some giant corporate ninja is sitting right between us and the real servers that we so innocently try to reach everyday. How you use this power is up to you.

Read the description on AMO to learn specifics on how this extension works.


How does it work?
  • The toolbar icon:
    Displays a color-coded badge with the number of requests served by CDN.
    ORANGE means that external resources were served by a CDN, but the page itself was not.
    RED means the page itself was served by a CDN, and maybe also external resources.
    PURPLE means that resources on that page were served by multiple CDN.
  • The address bar icon (optional):
    Uses the same colors to represent the same information, except that it doesn't have a badge (because of API limitations). Instead, the color of the icon itself changes. This icon is only visible when relevant.
  • The popup:
    It is displayed when you click on one of the icons. It lists the domains of the resources that were served by CDNs, and the number of detected requests by domain.
  • The options:
    The options menu allows you to toggle detection of individual CDNs on or off.
    There is also an option to enable detection using heuristic patterns. Said patterns will detect edge nodes that the extension can't recognize as part of a specific CDN yet. Like all heuristics, it is not fail-safe, which is why it is disabled by default, but most of the time it should be a very good indicator.
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