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Jan 8, 2011
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Try Something New Challenge

We have created this topic to encourage members of this wonderful forum to try something new each day. It does not need to be related to technology or security, but can be anything that encourages a positive outcome. So at the end of day, you can say “I did something new! :)”.​

To help re-jog your minds, here are some examples of types of new challenges to be faced.


Today I..

  • joined the gym, after being inactive from my operation
  • volunteered for a good cause
  • completed the 10 km marathon, even though I walked to the finish line
  • asked someone I like on a date
  • got the job I wanted
  • used an iPhone for the very first time

Other important bits of information

Post Guidelines & Your Privacy

  • Participating in this thread is 100% optional.
  • You can post a maximum of 1 post once every 24 hours, or per day you try something new.
  • If you did multiple new activities in a single day, consolidate them into a single post.
  • All posts are public, so please only share if you’re comfortable.



  • Be creative
  • Be respectful to each other
  • Insert images as thumbnails or in the spoiler

  • No vulgar or inappropriate language – includes using asterisk (*) to censor out words.
  • No personal attacks against others’ chosen activities - if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.
  • No spamming of videos, websites or large images – if you want to share an image, insert as thumbnail or spoiler tags.