Turbo Tax (and Windows 11) issues


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Apr 24, 2016
So for several weeks now, people have been posting about an error with Turbo Tax and Windows 11. Mind you it’s not just occurring on Windows 11, but I’m seeing more posters discussing that platform.

“I contacted Intuit support (800-446-8848) and apparently this is a known issue with TT 2021. As soon as I said “Install” she knew the problem.

First off, my initial problem of getting the 2803 error was fixed by turning off the firewall.

This still left me with the blank white activation screen. It seems that this is a known issue with the TT 2021 program. Apparently, it’s a resolution issue. At each step of the process, you need to change the resolution to be able to see what was supposed to be displayed. This is the process I had to follow:

  1. Launch the executable and wait for the white activation screen
  2. Change the resolution on your monitor. Magically, the contents of the window appear. Unfortunately, you can’t seem to be able to enter the license.
  3. Click once on the license window and enter the license number. You won’t see any change, but the information *IS* being entered. Best to use Ctrl-V to past the license.
  4. Change the resolution back to what it was
  5. Verify that the license you entered is correct
  6. Select to verify/continue
  7. Change the resolution again
  8. Keep doing this until you get to the registration screen.
A this point, you should be OK. I was told, though, that this will happen again if you purchase anything (State tax?)”

If you have any questions, please follow up in the forum.


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Jan 29, 2017
You can move mouse around in the white area until you see the cursor activate... then click.

This is not unique to W11.
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