Twitter Twitter is buying Scroll to bolster its publishing tools


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Nov 10, 2017
Twitter is getting increasingly serious about its publishing capabilities, as the social media company today announced that it's acquiring Scroll, a subscription service that allows users to remove ads from news websites - Neowin included - while financially supporting them.

If you're unfamiliar with Scroll, the service launched last year, and what it does is partner with news websites all over the internet to remove ads from them. Users pay a monthly fee to Scroll, and that money is distributed to each of its partners on the basis of which website the reader uses the most, ensuring that each of them gets rewarded for how much readers visit them. According to Scroll, revenue from the subscription is up to 40% more than typical ad revenue, which makes it compelling for publishers. At the same time, users can get one subscription to encompass multiple websites, making it easier to justify the price over paying a fee to each publisher.