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Twitter leadership has made it a goal of the last few years to be more transparent about its decision-making and to provide more detailed road maps for when new features and other big changes come to the platform. Just look at CEO Jack Dorsey’s rather epic multi-tweet Facebook takedown when he announced the platform’s political ad ban last week.

In that spirit, Dantley Davis, Twitter’s vice president of design and research, yesterday evening released a list of features he says he’s excited to “explore” in 2020. They include some fundamental changes to how Twitter functions, in particular how the retweet works and how freely users are able to pull others into their conversations with or without their permission.
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I'm no real Twitter user, other then I stroll there from time to time and share funny or interesting things. I do though noted, for good or bad that more Twitter posts is blocked/censored and one have to click one extra time to read them. Good against pure spam and scam I guess and hopefully also this new features will help.
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