Q&A Types of Paid Software to Avoid - What's Yours?


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Jan 8, 2011
Some examples below, add your own categories.
  • Paid Driver Updaters
    • New hardware come with their own support tools to keep drivers up to date.
    • Older hardware will eventually stop getting updates - A driver updater won't help.
  • Paid Cleanup Software
    • Browsers have built-in cleaning tools that do it for you
    • Learn to maintain your systems.
  • Paid Registry Cleaners
    • Usually included with Paid Cleanup software
  • Paid Advert Blockers
    • Most ad-blockers are based on the free and open source version content blocker
    • Exception to system-wide protection with VPN filtering and privacy options
  • Paid Web Browsers
    • Come back in 10 years.
  • Paid Chrome extensions
  • Paid Free Antivirus
    • Look for the price tag.


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May 10, 2019
Paid PDF readers!
Well, I won’t call it a PDF reader. It is a PDF suite which offers you more than reading capability. It allows you to create, edit and protect PDF files. It also allows you to convert PDF to word, excel, powerpoint and vice versa. Electronic signatures and OCR are two great features. I know you cam get some of these features for free, but I purchased the Academic lifetime version of Wondershare PDFelement.


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May 10, 2019
That is worth it..But there are some dedicated paid readers,not editors that are absolutely ridiculous :)
Since I mentioned Wondershare, I paid $65 for a lifetime version. That was version 7, and after a month or two, version 8 was released. They asked a price of $35 for the upgrade and here I exploded. I kept nagging them everywhere (on Trust Pilot and email) and they surrendered and they assured me to offer me every single future update for free 😁. I just wanted to inform other users who might fall victim for their shady marketing practices.
Other than that, their app is great and its functionality is perfect and is worth every penny.