Level 32
According to a report from, Intel has suspended shipments to Inspur, and the company supplied us with a more in-depth statement. Inspur is the world's #3 server vendor overall, and the largest supplier of servers in China. The suspension comes in the wake of Inspur's addition to a list released by the U.S. government this week outlining 20 companies it says are controlled by the Chinese military (PLA), portending swift regulatory action to block those companies from obtaining critical U.S. technologies.

We pinged Intel about the report of suspended shipments to Inspur, and the company provided the following statement to Tom's Hardware:
"We have temporarily paused shipments to one customer in order ensure compliance with U.S. Government export regulations. This is a temporary pause expected to last less than two weeks for some items, and others will resume in a matter of days. We will resume shipments as soon as we can do so while ensuring compliance with U.S. law."- Intel statement.