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Apr 24, 2016
From Wilders:
There is a new address offered for Bypass Paywalls Clean filters + userscripts.

Bypass Paywalls Clean filter + userscripts
(for adblocker and iOS)
Latest cloned versions (like extension v3.6.4.0 for supported sites):
GitHub - bpc-clone/bypass-paywalls-clean-filters

The URL for Bypass Paywalls Clean filter is now:

for who wants the extension/add-on:

Bypass Paywalls Clean new release v3.6.4.0
Add OVB Media
Add Private Media AU
Fix BizJournals
Fix Business Insider
Fix Business Standard
Fix The Economist
Fix WaPo
& more
Manually update with latest release (signed):
[ download URL]


ForgottenSeer 107474

Tip: use the logger to extract only the relevant rules for the websites you visit
1. Make a backup of your settings
2. Disable/unselect all filters except Magnolia Bypass
3. Enable the logger and choose the option to keep it
4. Surf to all websites which you want to bypass a paywall
5. Open the logger and copy the block rules to My FIles
6. Export your custom rules in MyFile
7. Import your saved settings
8. Import your custom rules in MyFile
9. Disable/unselect Magnolia filter
10. Check whether the byapss stills works


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Aug 19, 2019
Do you already have a version 1.58 in your browsers ? :unsure:
Yes on FF


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