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The launch of the highly anticipated Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) operating system is upon us, and now Canonical has just announced that the GNU/Linux distro entered final freeze.

On April 14, 2016, Adam Conrad announced that the "Final Freeze" development state is now in effect for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, which means that there will be no new features added to the upcoming operating system, nor major changes will happen until its official launch next week, on April 21, 2016, with the exception of critical bugs.

Time flies fast when you're having fun testing the latest release of Ubuntu Linux, which we've been using on some of our computers since the beginning of the year to keep up with all the changes Canonical had planned for its next LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, and share the highlights with our readers.

"As of nowish, xenial has entered the Final Freeze period in preparation for the final release of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS next week," said Adam Conrad on behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team. "The current uploads in the queue will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected as appropriate by pre-freeze standards."

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