Ubuntu 17.10 Breaks the BIOS on Some Lenovo Laptops

Discussion in 'Security News' started by daljeet, Dec 21, 2017.

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    If you find a Lenovo laptop under the tree this xmas, and plan to install Ubuntu 17.10 on it, take my advice and don’t.

    You heard me: do not install Ubuntu.

    According to bug reports filed on Launchpad, the official Ubuntu bug tracker, installing Ubuntu 17.10 may inadvertently corrupt the BIOS on a raft of Lenovo laptops, including the Lenovo Yoga line.
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    This applies to the other K-, L-, etc. also.
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    Jan 27, 2017
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    Newer Lenovo's DO NOT get along with Linux and I attribute that to bios compatibility issues.

    For example on Thinkpad's, depending on the bios version, Linux/Ubuntu will never function properly, including gross instability with buttons and touchpad use. Lenovo has a habit of disabling the downgrade path on Firmware so that's not also available as a fix. It's a real pita and makes Linux a non-viable option on Lenovo's in many cases. This type of incompatibility isn't new. What is new is - Linux can virtually brick a machine. That's pretty ridiculous and it seems like Ubuntu is interacting at too deep of a level with the bios.

    I have a couple thinkpad's, 1.06 bios will work with Linux. 1.63 bios won't work at all, or even install linux. 1.74 bios will work 50% of the time depending on reboot. Bottom line, stability has long been an issue with Linux on Lenovo and this is pretty widely known. Best advice is, if you want Linux - don't buy newer Lenovo's, it will cause you endless grief. Lenovo sort of sucks for anything but Windows. (or flat out sucks depending on your opinion)
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