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Cowpipe, your UI skills are amazing. Consider yourself a expert graphic designer. :)

Edited this as fast as I could. When I looked back and saw the original post here I felt stupid. It was the most childish post ever. If you read it, you'd know what I mean. :D

@Cowpipe Edit your last post here and remove the quoted message... Quick! :D :p
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Hey cowpie.

I made a brand new User Interface for my AV last week (a friend of mine is a graphic designer and said he could help sketch some concepts) and I'm coding it right now. Would you mind testing it? I recently updated all my code and it's better and less buggy but could you test it in a few weeks? It's not amazing. It's a .NET app but it's a start.
Sure :D Did you want me to just test the UI or to test the whole antivirus btw?

@starchild76 Will see what I can do without AVG filing a lawsuit :p