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That interface of AV is really promising and because of that I will do my own reference style based on design posted, to develop an AV as part of my upcoming school project/thesis defense which happens every semester. ;)

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@Antivirus Tester : Unfortunately its not a real software since the OP inspired to make some cooler designs of interface. :)
Inspire? The work @MrXidus produces does more than inspire me, it makes me into a whole new person. :D

But seriously, whenever MrXidus designs something, basic or advanced, I absolutely love it. He's definitely the best designer I've ever met, and his concepts are easily beating all the UIs out there in my opinion. I still prefer his original PURISTA to the current Emsisoft products UI (their integration with edits).

Who knows, maybe another concept @MrXidus has made will be integrated to a real product soon.. SPOILER. ;)

I better be @MrXidus' #1 fan. :) :p