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Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm
Tizen OS 4.0
CPU (Processor)
Exynos 9110 - 1.15ghz

Eddie Morra

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Aug 28, 2018
Looks really nice mate! Damn fine watch! :)

I used to hate the idea of a "Smartwatch" but I am starting to adjust to the idea of them. I'm starting to become a fan of the smartwatches which can record your heart rate/blood-pressure and has location tracking to calculate how far you're walking/running/cycling (and the speed of which) because it'd be much easier than holding a smart-phone to do it. Simplifies things - not to mention how useful it would be for someone with medical issues who need to stay updated on that information.

I've never seen a Samsung smartwatch in real-life, I've only seen online reviews. Interested on how it will behave!

When you finally wear this smartwatch... please keep the thread updated on your opinions!


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May 16, 2011
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@Eddie Morra i was skeptical too about smartwatches (more gadgets than useful in my mind) but what triggered my purchase was the design (like a real classic watch) and the specs, but now I really like it. I have a big phone (6" screen), so this watch allow me to control my phone while it is in my pocket, useful when walking or stuck in a crowded place.

Ok after few hours, which is a bit light to have a real objective opinion (I'm still in the hype lol), so:

The watch is a bit bulky, but i was aware of it. The materials seems solid enough.
Charging is wireless.

I like the fact that the screen turns on/off when it "detect" or not your face (I bet it is more the wrist rotation, lol).
I also like that i have multitude of watch's skins for the screen.

The sync with my Sony Xperia is excellent (weather, contacts, health and workouts apps, etc..)

It detect my heartbeat as expected but what is funny is it checks my stress level and if too high, propose relaxing exercices Lool.
I didn't started the workouts stuff yet, I will post when I will be courageous enough to do some.
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