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Feb 3, 2015
Hi and Good Day,
Dear Sir/Mdm, Thanks for giving me an opportunities to got assistance from you guys.

So now, why im posting this in this Malware Help & Support Section?
Because i believe, why i cant install Kaspersky Security for Windows Server 2019 is related to a Malware.

Why i said that? Because i have run Kaspersky Virus Removal Tools, and it detected 10, which 8 of it confirmed Malware, 1 Potential Unsafe, and 1 Miner (which shouldnt be on our corporate server)

Then i ran Malwarebytes, it detected 2 Malware might be missed by KVRT, then i remove them.

Then i Ran Sophos Scan & Clean tools, It detected Malware in memory and 1 Trojan, then i cure and cleared them too.

A little bit details;

The issues started, when we started to roll out kaspersky to whole companies PC that has run without any AV for more than 1 year now. Including the server, somehow it seems didnt even have Microsoft defender running. Now when 1st try to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security, the installation failed, then i try install Kaspersky Security for Windows Server, its also failed. I contact Kaspersky support, they said according to the log, there's probably malware infection on our windows server, which make me immediately run all the scanner above. But after running everything installation still failed.

This time i look at the log, and it seems, the log show theres insufficient permission on "ProgramData" folder. So i check the permission, and it seems "SERVICE" permission is set to "deny" all. So i change the permission and try reinstall, this time it passes the provious hurdle, but suddently came to stop, roll back, and show "Fatal Error" on the installer.

When checked on install log, at the end of installation process, it shows : Note 1 : 1708 and error 1603.

As malware is found, and has been cleaned up, so the only thing i could suspect what has prevent kaspersky from installing is maybe theres still malware in the system, or malware has damage the system, or something issues that i not aware of.

As per i read on this forum, attached below is Farbar tool log as per requested


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Mar 9, 2017
Hello..! From the post I understand that these are office computers ..! We do not provide help for work/business machines. As being said, this forum is run by volunteers that spend their time free of charge trying to help people. We're not here to help someone earn money.

I wish you a pleasant day..! :)


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Jul 27, 2015
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