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I did not upload the FRST.txt logs


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I recently became concerned that I might have malware on my PC after clicking a link in an email. Malwarebytes and multiple antivirus programs (Kapersky, AVG) were run and no bad results were found. However, as I was doing more research, I came across at least two urls within google search results that I am unable to visit using Chrome:

Windows Anti-Rootkit Downloads
Compare Protection - What are the best rootkit scanners?

When I click on either of these links, I get a gray chrome page that says 'This site can't be reached. malwaretips.com is currently unreachable. ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE'

I cleared my complete Chrome history and retried without success. Both urls open fine in Edge and Edge is what I used to register for an account here to post this thread.

I downloaded and ran FRST as instructed. I am a little leery about posting these logs online: 1. is this safe? 2. can the files be deleted from the thread after a resolution is achieved?

Please help. Thank you.


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it appears that one of the anti-virus apps that i had installed to scan had a firewall that was blocking the urls. i think i am good to go now. thank you and sorry to have taken your time.
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