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Researchers found a way to bypass a patch Microsoft released to address a bug in the Windows printing services, which gives attackers a path to executing malicious code with elevated privileges.

Tracked as CVE-2020-1048, the initial flaw received an initial fix in May and another one is coming with this month’s roll out of security updates from Microsoft.

Discovered and reported responsibly by Peleg Hadar and Tomer Bar of SafeBreach Labs, CVE-2020-1048 affects Windows Print Spooler, the service that manages the printing process.

Bypassing it has been classified as a new vulnerability that received the tracking number CVE-2020-1337. A fix will become available on August 11.

Technical details for the new bug are still private but will be published after the release of the patch, along with a proof-of-concept Mini-Filter driver that shows how to prevent in real time the exploitation of the two vulnerabilities.