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Perhaps not super relevant to users here, but I've mentioned before how I don't like smart homes and this here is an example why.
Our research uncovered two unsecured databases, with millions of records, belonging to companies that are based in China and provide different types of services. One database belongs to Xiaoxintong, which offers multiple apps and services aimed at elderly care. The other database we discovered seems to be connected to Shanghai Yanhua Smartech tools, which provides services related to intelligent buildings.

The database for Xiaoxintong, which serves more than 200 million elderly people in China, contains sensitive information such as GPS locations, mobile numbers, addresses, hashed passwords and more.

The second database that may be from Shanghai Yanhua Smartech has even more sensitive data, such as easily-decoded audio files, names, employee ID numbers, heart rates, oxygen levels, GPS locations and more. Both databases are now closed.